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Lincoln Tomb, Springfield, IL

I had taken pictures of Abraham Lincoln's tomb on several occasions.  But I'd never tried taking an HDR image of the tomb.  On Thanksgiving weekend 2009, I decided to give it a try.  There were great looking clouds in the sky that I knew would

New Orleans Alley

It was my last day in New Orleans and I hadn't gotten any good shots so I made a quick pass around the Jackson Square area a couple hours before my flight left. The neon REAL ESTATE sign in this alley caught my eye. It

Sentinel and Superman

These horses are boarded at a farm near my home.  Using a wide-angle lens, I was closer to this animal than it appears in the picture.  Not being familiar with horses, I couldn't tell by this look if he was posing or getting ready to

Possum Trot and Chicken Bristle

You can't make these names up - they're real. And my wife has actually seen a possum trotting (okay, maybe walking) across the road. The intersection is somewhat famous around here for the unique names given the roads. It's located in Rochester, IL just outside